Stop it.

Stop staring.

Stop staring at me with those beautiful brown eyes of yours. I just keep falling for you over and over again.

Stop smiling.

Stop smiling at my stutter as I attempt to convey in words the wave of emotions you make me feel. Your smile makes me want to do nothing more than to kiss you.

Stop touching me.

Stop touching my hands, my hair, my soul. Your warmth permeates through my being and melts my long frozen heart.

Stop talking.

Stop talking about the man you choose over me. Your voice is absorbing, mesmerizing, enchanting in its lilt, but it is full of pain whenever you speak of him.

Stop seeing me.

Stop seeing me as a friend, especially when all you do is ignore how my open arms are welcome to you. They long to keep you safe and protected from the world.


Stop making me love you.

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First written March 19, 2018.


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