He lay in bed, crying, as he stared at his phone, which had her picture displayed on it.

He then opened his phone to see her last message.

“I think we should see other people.”

Tears started flowing afresh from his eyes, and he hid his face in his pillows.

It seemed impossible to think he could get past this. Where would he find someone, anyone who would accept him, take care of him, love him the same way?

As he tearfully considered his lonely future, he felt a nudge from behind him. He turned to see Rosie, his family’s shih tzu, who apparently climbed the bed while he was crying.

She started licking at his face. It tickled, and he burst into laughter while trying to fend against the dog’s efforts. But Rosie was not to be denied, and she continued licking at his tears.

With a soft smile, he wrapped his arms around the dog. She immediately moved about, as if wanting to break free, but she soon settled into his embrace and lay down next to him.

Smiling, he stroked her hair. At least he knew someone who would accept him, take care of him, love him, no matter what.

She licked his face one last time, and put her head between her paws. He hugged her close, and closed his eyes, enjoying the little moment he had with Rosie.

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First written March 17, 2018.

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