Rainy Gym Day

She heard the crack of thunder echo outside. She smiled nervously.

He pushed her against the wall and fingered the buttons on her blouse, touching them gently but not quite unbuttoning them. She focused her thoughts on the heavy drops of rain that fell muted outside the gym.

“You know I want you,” went his husky voice in her ear. “And I want to have you now.”

She shivered and touched his chest, feeling the hard muscles of a basketball jock under her fingertips.

“Please don’t,” she whispered. “Not here.” 

He pressed his body against hers. “Yes here.” And he moved his lips towards hers.

She opened her eyes as she heard her alarm ringing angrily in the background, shattering her dreams. 

She sighed as she turned it off and looked to her right, where her husband lay sleeping still. She gently stroked the hair of the boy from her school’s basketball team, the one who kissed her long, long ago as the rains poured angrily that fateful day. 

Just then, she heard the crack of thunder echo outside. She smiled knowingly.

Image source: deviantart.com/kck211/art/Basketball-Court-210355938
First written February 26, 2018.


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