Tied Up in Tango

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I hear the music, and she slowly clasps her hand in mine. We look into each other’s eyes, and as the music plays, we dance the tango.

She moves her body in powerful yet measured strokes, and I hold on to her, leading her as she sashays in organized chaotic steps. With a sway of her hips, she teases me, at one point touching my face, at another quickly turning away. However, all the while, her body is close to mine. I feel heady over her scent, but will myself to focus on the dance instead.

She does a little kick in the air and wraps her leg around me, an act too intimate, too familiar. As she slowly slides down my body, I am gripped by a longing and a jealousy. I hold her a little too tightly, but allow her a little leeway to move away. She quickly does, and she spins out and away from my grasp.

For a half second, I am at a loss on what to do, staring after her as she turns from me and ends up a few steps away. I stare intensely after her, as she takes a breath or two where I can’t see her. I am crushed and hoping, wondering whether she’ll ever come back into my arms.

But then she looks back at me, and I could see the same fire reflected in her eyes. I hurry my step towards her and runs to me, and we meet, our bodies clinging to each other, as close as possible, closer than we’ve ever been.

We dance once more, with renewed fervor. I never let go, and while she teases, she always stays connected to me. And we go on in this intimacy, a closeness that feels as if we were dancing naked, skin to skin, vulnerable.

And then, the music stops. I hear applause as I look deep into her eyes, not wanting to let go. But she does just that, and I am made to bow before the audience. As we exit the hall, she catches the eye of a man in the audience and blows him a kiss. He catches the kiss with his right hand, a hand decorated with a gold band that mirrors her own.

She then looks at me with a grin, says thank you, waves good night, and lets go of my hand. I smile after her, wishing I could have her for more than just a tango. I sigh.

Image source: deviantart.com/ryoung/art/The-Temptation-of-Tango-32395954
First written April 27, 2018.


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