The Most Peaceful Place

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The ocean is the most peaceful place.

When I had a moment to spare, I would drive to a snorkeling spot and stay underwater for a long time. There’s something about the muted sounds, the diffused light, and the endless blue green that made me feel at peace.

This spot is my favorite. I love tracing in my head the patterns that the light from above makes on the stony sea floor. The schools of fish that wander in this depth are silhouetted against the azure canvass that makes the ocean. It’s mesmerizing.

However, today, I go deeper to a place of solitude, of quiet, of dark. The heavy stone attached to my feet keeps me committed to my purpose, although the bubbles sometimes obscure the view I have loved so well.

The disquiet in me finally dies down and my heart will now be calm forevermore. It’s true. The ocean is the most peaceful place.

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