Stained Glass Shards

The wind swept through her hair, kissing her tear-stained cheeks.

This was the last place he held her hand, the last place he kissed her lips, the last place he told her he would love her forever. The last place she ever saw him again.

She moved slowly across the carpeted floor, which was covered with stained glass shards. The faint crunch of the few stray pieces she stepped on echoed across the high ceilings.

Her dirty white shoes stopped before the altar, and she took a deep breath. She turned to see the shadow of the Taker close in before her, its crimson eyes visible in the darkness.

She touched the gold ring on her right hand, the one that held the bouquet of faded flowers. Biting her lip to stifle a cry, she held her head high, making the veil fall into a heap on the floor.

“I’m coming, darling,” she whispered, as she felt the cold dark come closer. “I’ll see you soon.”

She pulled a knife out of the pocket of her wedding dress and charged.

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Prompt from nik.

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