Fleeting Moments

She ran up to him in the park pavilion, drenched from the rain.

“I’m so sorry for being late,” she panted, as she took in deep breaths after her run. “I couldn’t get out of club and-“

“No. You did not choose to get out of your social meeting on time.” His voice had a cold, disappointed edge to it. “As usual, you prioritized something else over our meeting.”

She looked up, shocked. “I don’t-“

“-prioritize us enough.” He turned from her and stared at the falling rain. “You never prioritize us.”

She balled her fists. “Of course I do! It’s why I’m here now!” She reached out to touch his arm, but he shrugged it off. She took her hand back with a dejected look in her eyes.

She looked on as he continued staring at the rain. He extended his hand to touch the falling drops. “Fleeting moments, never treasured,” he muttered, as if to himself.

He turned to her slowly. She was shivering in her wet clothes and there were tears falling from her eyes. He sighed, then immediately removed his coat and wrapped it around her shoulders. “Come here, you.”

She cried harder as he wrapped his arms around her and held her close. She hugged him back, and enjoyed his warmth and his forgiveness.

Slowly, he moved his face to hers, and they kissed, the pitter-patter of rain echoing around them.

Image source: afremov.com/foggy-park.html
First written April 23, 2018.


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