I watched her glide into the room with effortless grace, her wild hair dancing behind her.

I closed my mouth and shivered. There’s no way she’d give me time of day.

She greeted everyone she passed with a loud “Bonjour!” and a smile that lit up the room. Please let her notice me, please let her notice me…

“Bonjour, Daniel!” came the bright voice, and I felt my ears tingle in happy discomfort. She sat on the desk beside mine, too close, too uncomfortably close. “I’ve got three classes today and I am so excited for them! I just love these kids. What are you up to?”

‘Dreaming of being with you’ was my first thought, but I gulped down the words. “I’m… preparing this exam on… quadratic equations.” God, she must think I’m so boring and pathetic.

She made a face, then laughed gaily. “I purposely forgot all that as soon as I graduated.” Her laughter filled the air, and made me dream of kissing those lips over and over again.

“But I’m just dropping off my stuff now. I’ll talk to you later, all right?” She touched my arm and grinned. “See you!”

And with that, she moved away and out the door.

I touched the spot she laid her hand on and smiled broadly.

Image source: deviantart.com/zhowee14/art/Teacher-s-Room-651331512
First written April 21, 2018.


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