Bye, Ma

“And don’t forget to call us!”

Mai rolled her eyes but nodded towards her mom, who was fervently combing her daughter’s hair with her fingers. She impatiently bat her mother’s hand away, and she stopped… until she started doing it again after a minute of pause. Mai shook her head and let it go.

“Don’t forget your vitamins either! And your skincare regimen. Do you have lotion for your face?”

She sighed audibly. “Yes, Ma.”

“All right. Just worried about you. You’ll be leaving for abroad today and won’t come back soon.” She felt her mother’s arms envelope her in a hug. “You’ll be gone for such a long time, and I’m going to miss you so.”

Mai said nothing, as she was overlooking a mental checklist. When she felt her mother’s warmth, she also noticed the tears that dropped onto her shoulder.

She smiled softly, and felt overwhelmed by her own tears. She turned to hug her mom closer and cried.

First written April 29, 2018.

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