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Hello! Welcome to DC Writes Stories, my little place on the Internet where I add my stories to.

I’m DC, and I write stories every day. I have around 200+ short stories (as of May 2018) in my portfolio, and I’m hoping to get to 400+ by the end of the year!

I mostly write flash fiction and micro-short stories, but I do hope to write in long form someday. (Maybe even write a novel!)

My stories tend to touch on a myriad of genres, though I prefer writing reality fiction with a dash of fantasy. I write some dark and NSFW stuff from time to time, and I enjoy adding a dash of Filipino into them, too.

But one thing is clear: I tend to experiment with my writing, which means that I have a few hits and a few misses here and there. But hey, remember that story about that pottery class and the lesson on quantity vs quality? It’s what I personally have been trying to do with my daily story writing, and here’s to hoping that the good writing comes out eventually!

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy!

PS: if you have feedback on any of the stories I’ve added here, do drop me a line! I’ve been hoping to improve on my writing and would love to hear from you!