A Hot Night

My eyes landed on the temptress, and I immediately knew it was going to be a hot night.

She was lying there seductively among her competitors. My eyes glazed over the thin, transparent dress that displayed all her curves and left almost nothing to the imagination.

I licked my lips and slowly took her into my arms. She resisted a little, the tease, and the hem of her dress got caught in a corner. I heard a crinkle of a laugh and pulled harder, tearing her skirt just a little bit. The exposure made me blush, but I held her firmly still. She was now mine for the night.

With a quick movement, I tore off the rest of her garments with my teeth. She opened up like a flower to my touch, making little noises as she splayed herself before me. I made a low whistle as I slowly caressed her whole body, excited to heat her up.

She allowed me to lay her gently in the bed and admire her naked form. I cooed and whispered that I’ll soon be back, I won’t be long. I lovingly closed the door and pressed the button.

I then fired up Netflix and looked over the choices. The first pop came from the microwave, and I grinned. Oh, it’s going to be a hot, hot night.


Image source: deviantart.com/melyssah6-stock/art/Smoke-Stock-XI-252692817

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